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Lovely Lace Underwear in white, beige and black

What if you could save money, protect the environment and still be protected from uncomfortable leaks? Kristyn Smith from Kristy Product Review reviewed our Lovely Lace panties. She shares how Wearever products do just that! Here are a few thoughts from her blog:

“These panties are by far the most comfy and fashionable type of leak protection I have ever encountered. They come in many assortments of sizes, color, and styles. They are also available in both male and female panties and briefs. These undergarments are washable, so they save you money on disposables as they are resistant between 200 – 250 washes. These undergarments feature varying levels of protection and protect against light, moderate, and heavy leakage.”

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us, Kristyn! You can see the unboxing of her Wearever panties on her YouTube channel or read her blog post.

Our Lovely Lace panties will make you feel attractive, sexy and stylish!

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